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Kolam Centre, Jalan Lintas.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
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Fee Structures

Our Fees



Divelp’s service fees are quoted based on the size and complexity of your projects, i.e.: the detailing of a commercial office building
versus that of a residential. We address all components of your project from the start, so that you will know how much the project
will cost you up front.

Below are 3 typical service packages we offer:


Service package 1:


Preparation of contract documents for bidding purposes or for the approval of a building permit by relevant authorities.
This type of service would typically include: preparation of floor plans, site plans, roof plans, elevations, sections and detail drawings.
Divelp can work with you during the design development stage of a project or pick up at the start of the contract document stage.


Service package 2:


CAD drafting service to transfer existing archived hard copy drawings to digital format.
Many firms have drawings that need to be transferred to a more manageable digital format for storage, or for historical reasons.
In some cases, firms can get funding from their respective governments, in which case they require to submit drawings in .dwg,
.dxf, .3ds, .obj, .skp, .psd, or .pdf format.


Service package 3:


Preparation of 3D rendering or 3D animation for presentations,depending on the type of work required, the size of the drawing
and the timeline required to produce a media presentation, a price would be provided to meet your needs.
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