Our Location



126B Lot 3, 2nd Floor,
Kolam Centre, Jalan Lintas.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
East Malaysia.


(60) 11-27123296


How does outsourcing work?



Give us an email, and one of our designers will contact you to discuss your specifications.


    You will need to send us a digital or hard copy of your plans, for us to better assess your project.

    This can be done via email or via our ‘Client’ FTP site. We will send you your login details via email.

    Once we understand your project scope and time frame, we will estimate the time required to complete your

    project and email you a proposal. On receipt of your approval to proceed, we will submit a detailed

    working plan, describing your project development step-by-step, so that you will be able to anticipate

    every progress stage of your project.Work begins under the supervision of one our designer leads to ensure

    your project is prepared to your standards.

    The plans are uploaded to your ‘Client’ FTP site at every stage of the project development. This process is

    repeated as necessary until completion of the project. An invoice is submitted via email requesting payment.


What type of payment terms do you offer?


Divelp accepts payments via bank transfer. Our bank account details are included on our
estimates and invoices.


How do you communicate with clients?

We communicate with you via phone, email or Skype, and keep you informed on the
development of your project through our confidential and secure ‘Client’ FTP site.
You will be provided with a ftp, username and password to access your drawings on an
ongoing basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can regulate the type of access you
wish to give to your team members. Therefore any project team member, including other
consultant who are supporting you, will always have the most updated drawings at all times,
mitigating the risk of lost time and ensuring accuracy of information.
In addition, a tracking mechanism for those who have accessed the drawings is regularly sent to
the team in order to ensure that certain activities have been carried out as promised or as required
by the project timeline.


    How are CAD plans and documentation delivered?


    CAD files can be sent and /or received via email or can be accessed centrally via
    the Divelp FTP site referred to as your “Client” FTP site.
    At the end of every assignment/project, if the client requires it, we prepare an electronic
    ata package containing CAD drawing files and plot files, on a recordable medium, such
    as a CD or other form of storage as requested. Otherwise, all drawings can be accessed

    via the “Client” FTP site.



    What if we need to make changes to our specifications?


    Within Divelp’s regular project report (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) any changes made to
    the project will be recorded and if the changes affect the timeline, this will be immediately
    reported to the Client.
    The Client will then submit a ‘change request’ in writing either via email. Depending
    on the initial terms of our agreement, changes will be charged according to those terms.



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