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Architecture Services

Architectural services



When working with Divelp, you have access to a reliable, knowledgeable team of skilled CAD draftspersons, 3D rendering and
animation technologists, as well as professional architects, who will oversee your project to ensure it’s delivered on time, on
budget, to your specified standards.


The Divelp team is experienced in a wide variety of project developments including:


  • Commercial projects, such as: shopping malls, retail and mixed use properties, and hotels
  • Industrial projects, such as: storage and warehouse facilities, and manufacturing facilities
  • Residential projects, such as: high-rise condominiums, low-cost housing and luxury individual residences


CAD detailing and drafting services


Divelp’s qualified designers and draftsperson complete your drawings accurately in digital format (.dwg or .dwf), using the latest
version of AutoCAD. We can assist you with:


  • Design and documentation of schematic drawings from hand-sketched drawings
  • Preparation of contract documents from design development drawings
  • Coordination of consultant drawings with the contract documents
  • Preparation of as-built drawings based on the mark-ups of the contractor
  • Redrawing of paper or velum drawings to CAD format for archiving / recovery purposes or for new or proposed projects


3D media presentation services


3D animations are prepared with 3D MAX (photo rendering program) or Sketchup (3D Modeling program) and can be
created in any other format required for specified presentations. We can assist you with:


  • 3D visualisation / rendering of architectural and urban projects
  • 3D block study
  • Animated walk-through with graphics, voice over, and sound for presentations


Technical support


The Divelp technical team is more than just a CAD drafting team. We anticipate problems before they occur, and will
question the integrity of the ongoing development of the drawings throughout the process. We address all technical
challenges and will advise you on technical matters as part and inclusive of our overall service package.


Project progress / management support


Clients are kept informed on the progress of the works, from inception to completion with regular online updates of
drawing logs. Divelp will ensure that your scheduled target and budget is met and will also ensure that the overall operation
of each project is in line with yours.

For more detailed information on the process of outsourcing your drawing projects to Divelp, Please Contact us directly.
We would be happy to answer any question you may have.



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